Tine Günther
Artist Talk by Mylasher

Mylasher works directly and immediately, unveiling what is hidden. She is interested in the threshold between subconscious and reality. The image is counterpart, a gateway to the unspeakable, to abstraction. There is no need for a thematic pretext where she is concerned. She believes in the intelligence of the hand over the intelligence of the head.

Mysticism, alchemy, and the dynamics of painting led her from object to abstraction. She uses trance as vehicle to travel into the subconscious. Mylasher’s paintings are real and present. In years of practice, she has acquired a broad knowledge about materials and different techniques of painting. Both the process of creation and the paintings themselves contrast the described state of our known world: the secrets, the inside empire, the dreams. Here deep transformation happens. Her practice includes painting, performance, installation, ceramics, and a concept of an active, dynamic exhibition format that can be almost anywhere.


Artist Talk on Tuesday, 16 November 2020 at 18:00 Leipzig / 19:00 Athens, online