Robert Sakrowski
interview formats

“interview formats” describes my various attempts over the past twenty years to find the right interview format to document net art. As an art historian, I was interested in creating a record of this movement and the phenomenon of net art from the beginning, not only because it stood in opposition to the main paradigms of the art world at the time (authorship, authenticity, and original), but also because it was also very ephemeral and fragile.

In this video, I have combined the genres of a how-to video and a streaming gamer session. I comment on the decisions underlying the format of my past videos and review the pros and cons of each. Short excerpts serve as illustrations, spanning from my first attempts in 1999, when I used a classic video interview format with intertitles, to the so called Desktop Video Interviews in (2007-2012), the Gallery Surfing Sessions (2013-2015), the Sociodiagrammatic Interviews (2016-2019), all the way to my live streaming sessions of 2020. In addition to this overview, I also briefly describe the Dullaart-Sakrowski-Method and its focus on documentation. With intertitles, I have used QR tags so that interested viewers can check the references on a second screen.


Sakrowski works and lives in Berlin. From 1999–2003, he curated exhibitions and lectures on net art within the project netart-datenbank. From 2007–2009, he worked as a freelance researcher on the “Netzpioniere 1.0” research project at the Media.Art.Research Institute in Linz. Since 2007, he has been working with the phenomena under the name CuratingYouTube and provides a specially designed online tool with (2012). From 2014–2015, he worked as curator for the transmediale festival “capture all.” Since October 2016, he has been managing and curating the