Marie-Eve Levasseur
Necessary alliances
(for a collective imagination)

Levasseur presented some of her recent works, addressing Rosi Braidotti’s notion of posthumanism, Donna Haraway’s speculative fabulation, everything combined in a feminist science fiction landscape. These notions will be linked to the works in a novel narrative and poetic format; a fictional dialogue taking place in a utopian future imagined and produced jointly with the french artist Audrey Jimenez. 

Marie-Eve Levasseur (*1985, Canada) lives and works in Germany. She studied visual and media art in Montreal as well as in Leipzig. Her works have been shown in many group and solo exhibitions in Montreal, Berlin, London, Paris, Hong Kong, and Zurich. In 2019, she received a grant from the Karin Abt-Straubinger Foundation. In 2020, she received a research and creation grant from the KdFS (cultural Foundation of the Free State Saxony).

Levasseur’s work deals with intimacy, interactions, non-human ecosystems, mediating devices as extensions and perception of language or images through screens. Using diverse forms and techniques like video, installation, sculpture and 3D animation, she questions the proximity of technological and organic surfaces in a posthuman context as well as our perception of device-mediated content. The method she uses feeds from feminist science fiction and its emancipatory potential. Inspired by thinkers such as Donna Haraway, her projects use speculative fabulation; imagined situations with fictive devices, extensions for human and non-human beings that open a cross-species dialogue in order to reflect the system we live in. Her work is multidisciplinary and allows a continuous learning of new techniques, where DIY and open source become part of her artistic posture.

Online screening: Tuesday, 1 December 2020 at 18:00 Leipzig / 19:00 Athens

Necessary alliances (for a collective imagination) was produced in the frame of  p o  s   t documenta: contemporary arts as territorial agencies