Jonas Staal
Climate Propagandas,
Video Study (2020)

The work Climate Propagandas, Video Study (2020, HD video, color, sound, 16′), explores how the climate crisis is interpreted and weaponized within various ideological discourses.

While liberal climate propaganda argues that ecological collapse is the responsibility of human individuals, rather than extractivist corporations, libertarian climate propaganda considers the climate breakdown as a new resource for geomarkets and interplanetary colonization. And while conspiracist climate propaganda claims climate change is nothing but a hoax to enforce population control, eco-fascist climate propaganda takes it as an opportunity to double down on the question who, in ecosystem collapse, has the racial right to survive and who does not.

Through examples of popular and political culture, from the nature documentaries of David Attenborough to the Marvel superhero franchise, Staal attempts to dissect the conflicting realities each of these climate propagandas brings about.

Online Screening: Tuesday, 24 November 2020 at 18:00 Leipzig / 19:00 Athens, as part of the Artist Talk with Jonas Staal

Climate Propagandas, Video Study (2020) was produced in the frame of  p o  s   t documenta: contemporary arts as territorial agencies