Pélagie Gbaguidi,
Richard Fletcher (aka Minus Plato)
A Stun to Memory
Pélagie Gbaguidi, Naked Writing, 2015. Colour charchoal and pencil on paper 29 x 21 cm

A Stun to Memory: Conversation with Pélagie Gbaguidi and Minus Plato

Richard Fletcher (aka Minus Plato) and Pélagie Gbaguidi look back to 2017 and how their work and lives before, during and after documenta 14 engaged in a process of personal and political reckoning with on-going colonial and racist violence in the white-washing of ancient Mediterranean cultures by the academic discipline of Classics and the afterlives of slavery originating in the brutal Code Noir.

Gbaguidi and Fletcher discuss their current collaboration on a chapter from the forthcoming book project “Whisper into a Hole: Sketches for an Unfinished Exhibition” about the on-going legacies of documenta 14, specifically in terms of de-colonial art education. A literary/visual hybrid that stages an urgent dialogue between writer Minus Plato and selected documenta 14 artists, “Whisper into a Hole”’s experimental form counters the overt didacticism of the original exhibition’s working title “Learning from Athens.”

Part of Forget What Did: Our documenta14 Afterlives. A workshop in three parts with Pélagie Gbaguidi and Richard Fletcher (aka Minus Plato)

Tuesday, 3 November 2020, at 16:00 (Leipzig & Brussels) / 17:00 (Athens) / 11:00 (Ohio, USA)