Richard Fletcher (aka Minus Plato)
A Blank Starting:
Minus Plato’s documenta14 Video Diary

When a Classics professor in Ohio, reeling from the shock victory of Donald Trump, escaped to Athens for the documenta 14 exhibition, he had no idea that it would change him forever. His experience at the epicenter of the contemporary art world not only transformed his relationship to his academic discipline as a researcher and teacher, but also offered him new tools to resist the brute attacks of a populist regime against our democracy. No Philosopher King is a testament to the power of attention and engagement that resists tyranny, whether of the demagogue or the ideal Platonic philosopher king, as Minus Plato seeks to create a new form of resistance to forge an inclusive, diverse and responsible future for the US and the world.

A video reading performance of Minus Plato’s documenta14 diary from his book No Philosopher King: An Everyday Guide to Art and Life after Trump (AC Institute Books, 2019). Featuring original photo documentation from the exhibition in Athens and Kassel. Recorded live on October 8th, 2020 through Zoom.

Part of Forget What Did: Our documenta14 Afterlives. A workshop in three parts with Pélagie Gbaguidi and Richard Fletcher (aka Minus Plato)