Gigi Argyropoulou
Questions of Form and Scale

Questions of Form and Scale: Mutations of artistic practice in landscape of crisis and the possibilities for destituent institutions

This talk considers questions of form and scale in a discussion about mutations and constellations of artistic practice in a landscape of crisis. It suggests that the making of spaces has been an integral practice in the artistic scene of Athens during at least the last decades. This making of spaces functioned at some times as a mode of contesting dominant practices and at other times as a practice of collectively exploring the possibilities of cultural practice in the here and now.  Through a series of examples that took place at different historical moments, I will seek to elaborate on the possibilities of destituent spaces – or even destituent institutions – today and how might such functional and imaginative formations operate.

about, by, through, towards, despite is a podcast series on different aspects of the independent Athens art scene in the aftermath of documenta14. Produced for p o  s   t  documenta: contemporary arts as territorial agencies, the series provides a multilayered imprint of the local scene by inviting artists, curators, and critics to contribute their thoughts, experiences, and critical positions.

Gigi Argyropoulou is a theorist, curator, dramaturg and researcher working in the fields of performance and cultural practice based in Athens and London.