Theophilos Tramboulis
The de-publicized territory: Institutions and territorial policies

In the podcast „The de-publishized territory: Institutions and territorial policies“ (in Greek, with English transcript), Theophilos Tramboulis touches upon thorny issues that relate to contemporary cultural policies in Greece. The examples of Documenta Maximus in Thessaloniki and the reinforced concrete tourist corridor on Acropolis hill show that, at least in Greece, territorial materiality is always related with issues of authenticity and identity. Against this harsh territorial cultural politics, contemporary institutions seem to increasingly instrumentalize cultural heritage and art, placing it at the service of a broader political agenda. Besides, the pandemic crisis brought out the deep economic inequalities within the art field and demonstrated the limits of a particular funding model – and perhaps aesthetic model as well -, one that is based on the ever-expanding deterritorialization and privatization of the public sphere.

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Podcast in Greek. Download English transcript here.

about, by, through, towards, despite is a podcast series on different aspects of the independent Athens art scene in the aftermath of documenta 14. Produced for p o  s   t  documenta: contemporary arts as territorial agencies, the series provides a multilayered imprint of the local scene by inviting artists, curators, and critics to contribute their thoughts, experiences, and critical positions.

Theophilos Tramboulis is a publishing director, exhibition curator, translator, and writer based in Athens, Greece.