Vangelis Vlahos
This event has now ended (arrest 15 Nov. 2016)

This event has now ended (arrest Nov. 15, 2016) is based on a found 42-second video, shot by a mobile phone, which records an arrest in the neighborhood of Exarchia, Athens, during violent incidents between police and anti-authoritarians on the occasion of US President Barack Obama’s visit to Athens on November 15, 2016.

The found video has been converted to text, following the structure of a cinematic decoupage that is often used in the preparation of the shooting of a film. The text analyzes the narrative action of the corresponding found video, including also information about the shooting angle, the position of the camera, the size of the shot and the sound. The text that came out of this process becomes the central element of the new video. It runs vertically over a still image, depicting the interior of a squat in Exarchia that was evacuated by police in 2019.

– Vangelis Vlahos


Vangelis Vlahos, This event has now ended (arrest Nov. 15, 2016), 2021.

Video, 5:48”. Courtesy of the artist. Produced in the frame of the project p o  s   t documenta: contemporary arts as territorial agencies.

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Tuesday, April 6 2021 at 18:00 Leipzig / 19:00 Athens, online