WFH/The Domestication Theory/Working like a dog
Hypercomf, Part of staged set used for filming in polycelium.net, 2020. Courtesy of the artists

Hypercomf share a live stereoscopy and audio performance lecture, which will see objects and quotes from inside and outside the domestication process and the Domestication Theory placed under the magnifying lens of the stereoscope.

The session examines material and factual remnants from the fetishization of the biological versus the fetishization of the digital, in the arena of  “pre-” and “post-now” importance. Blurring and refocusing, introducing sensory calibration to the single-focus surface of the computer screen. Technical difficulties, high-definition and full-spectrum mechanical misunderstandings.

The quotidian of the digital homestead. Working from home, working like a dog, like a machine, like a bird, like a fish, like a parasite.

WFH/The Domestication Theory/Working like a dog

Lecture Performance by Hypercomf in the frame of the Virtual-Live Event „Rundgang 2021″of the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig

Thursday, June 3 at 19:00 (Leipzig) / 20:00 (Athens), online


Hypercomf is a multidisciplinary conceptual design artist identity, researching the relationship between nature and culture, domestication, industry, and science. This identity first materialized as a fictitious company profile in Athens in 2017. Hypercomf’s practice is both research and production driven; each subject informs a continuously developing narrative starring organic and inorganic protagonists, which manifests through interdisciplinary collaborations, space activations, multimedia artworks and sustainable design objects.