Nature at Work/The Raw Ideas Diet

Nature at Work/The Raw Ideas Diet is a workshop about examining and developing artistic research subjects and practices as ideated ecosystems and creating artworks as elements of ecosystemic interconnectedness.

During this workshop, we will consider the separate dimensions of the complex concept of a natural ecosystem in depth and detail (as meaning, model, and metaphor [Pickett]) and explore novel term applications and metaphors for diverse artistic processes and subjects. This will aim to motivate the development of artwork and/or informed and disruptive statements, drawn from the unexpected links originating in the observation of material and biotic interactions.

We will speak in terms of space, temperature, energy, symbiosis, fermentations, and byproducts of an artistic practice. Special importance will be given to “waste” (material, immaterial, and digital waste), the composting of ideas, the decomposition and constant evolutionary diversification of facts and methods.

The workshop will provide examples of practices challenging or integrating the biological and the technological, the individual and the population, the natural and the cultural, and provide the participants with investigational and exploratory tools and strategies for the future “wilderness.”

We will be nature at work, as much from inside our newly established digital homesteads, as from the vast and small, uncertain territories that lay between our tightly packed nesting sites.

Nature at Work/The Raw Ideas Diet: A workshop with Hypercomf

May-September 2021, online

Open to p o  s   t documenta participating students from ASFA and HGB. For registrations and inquiries please write to: eleni@postdocumenta.net


Hypercomf is a multidisciplinary conceptual design artist identity, researching the relationship between nature and culture, domestication, industry, and science. This identity first materialized as a fictitious company profile in Athens in 2017. Hypercomf’s practice is both research and production driven; each subject informs a continuously developing narrative starring organic and inorganic protagonists, which manifests through interdisciplinary collaborations, space activations, multimedia artworks and sustainable design objects.