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Are We Not Plunging Continually? Exhibition reader

Are We Not Plunging Continually? Exhibition Reader

This publication documents the project Are We Not Plunging Continually?, an exhibition that unfolded in two cities, Leipzig and Athens. The exhibition connected the independent art space nyg | west as part of LindeNOW#17 – a festival of independent art spaces in the west of Leipzig – with the project space Circuits + Currents of the Athens School of Fine Arts.

The participating artists, students of the respective art schools, presented new works that were either based on workshops with artists Mylasher (Leipzig) and Hypercomf (Athens), or shared similar approaches. They investigate the fragile structures of the post pandemic context, both in the urban spaces and natural surroundings of Leipzig and Athens, exploring the conditions of extended artistic practice in two different places.

Are We Not Plunging Continually? is essentially a celebration of our first coming together. Not an actual physical encounter, but an encounter through artworks, raw ideas and quests for new perspectives, that is yet to be fulfilled. Borrowing a quote by Friedrich Nietzsche, “Are we not plunging continually?”, we seek to express our shared current condition at a time when uncertainty has become the new normal. Thereby, the title reflects an exploratory process that looks for tensions, affinities and connections between art practices that are separated by around 2.000 km.

Are We Not Plunging Continually?
Exhibition Reader

Eva Andronikidou, Eva Angelaka, Ronny Aviram, Lennard Bernd Becker, Katerina Chatzikosti, Nasia Drimousi, FELL, Christos Fousekis, Evgenia Fragkolia, Leon Galli, Julia Gerke, Lara Hampe, Julie Hart, Yannick Harter, Lisa Kirchhoff, Franziska Koch, Koa Koppenhöfer, Philine Kuhn & Jonathan McNaughton, Fabian Lehmann, Tianxu Liu, Triantafyllia Ntouroupi, Snow Paik, Sophie Constanze Polheim, Kay Lotte Pommer, Lucie Reichmayr, Natalia Sopidi, Phil Stahlhut, Neam Tarek, Apostolos Tsorfolias, Despoina Vaxevanidi, Victoria Welsh, Fiete Worreschk, Maria Zervoudaki & Magdalena Zotou

Editorial coordination
Julia Gerke, Maria Zervoudaki

Edited by Nikos Arvanitis,
Fabian Lehmann, Joachim Blank,
Eleni Michaelidi, Olga Vostretsova

Exhibition views by Koa Koppenhofer,
Eleni Michaelidi, Xenofontas Vardaros,
Triantafyllia Ntouroupi

Graphic Design
Carla Selva Matthes, Paul Zech

Published by p o s t documenta: contemporary arts as territorial agencies