p o s t documenta
Fitness Condition: Artist

Come hike with us! It’s noon, our feet hurt and there is no water left on the island called Hydra. Going backwards in a loop around the coast we’re getting bitten by the sun. So, we invent: a sunscreen workshop, a muddy workshop, picking bitter oranges and candying them to eat with handmade Halva. We brought some bedbugs from the hotel, nesting in wool blankets and blue sheets. It’s getting late if we want to see the sun set but I will tell you my favorite story when we meet for the first time.

The three-year exchange program ‘postdocumenta: contemporary arts as territorial agencies’ is coming to an end. After spending two years in lockdown the participating artists finally meet each other on the island Hydra under the theme of cooking listening walking. The event in Circuits + Currents is an experiment to visualize this one week of being together, where we discovered artistic processes of interconnection and social practices as a counter position to the “survival of the fittest” in art industries

Fitness Condition: Artist

wip exhibition and open studios  by
p o  s   t documenta: contemporary arts as territorial agencies

Friday, June 3
8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. 

Circuits + Currents
13 Notara Str.
10683  Athens 

Eva Andronikidou, Eva Angelaka, Morten Bierre, Nasia Drimousi, Alicia Franzke, Markus Heller, Kevin Koen, Fabian Lehmann, Snow Paik, Sophie Constanze Polheim, Yashar Shirdel, Oliver Schulz, Apostolos Tsorfolias, Despoina Vaxevanidi, Fiete Worreschk, Maria Zervoudaki, Magdalena Zotou