Magdalena Zotou, Apostolos Tsorfolias

Vata (Βάτος + -ά): Greek name of a wild berries species in Greece.

Commonly grown and used as a natural fence to mark and protect private properties in rural areas.

Their roots expand fast and deeply into the soil.

They prevent the growth of other species due to their uncontrolled roots.

Depending on their stage of growth, their taste range from sweet to sour.

The gardening culture is commonly used as an example of how a society should be arranged.

An authority shapes the garden, and it chooses what fits where, what will and how it will be used, and what stays out.

Hands (Χέρι + α): Part of the body used for manipulation, sensation, and communication.

Small gestures can indicate fear, trauma, care, need…

Looking at the hands, we grasp a sensation of a person’s story.

A hand could practice acts of barbarism, or it could resist the vulgarity with its tenderness.

Using the hand, a plant is harvested, and its fruits are tasted.

To cultivate tenderness in soil invaded by Vata, uproot them to prevent regrowth.

Videos © Magdalena Zotou, excerpts from the series DEFEAT. Black Mediterranean, Black Aegean
Magdalena Zotou, Apostolos Tsorfolias
Opening in Leipzig
December 15, 2022, 3pm
IDEAL Art Space
Schulze-Delitzsch-Str. 27
04315 Leipzig

Billboard in Athens:
Circuits & Currents art space
13 Notara Str.
10683 Athens

The work is part of a cooperation of the program p o s t documenta: contemporary arts as territorial agencies with IDEAL artspace within the project DIALOG.
DIALOG consists of a movable wall in front of the IDEAL artspace together with a second movable wall, which is located at changing locations, providing the basis for various exhibition projects. Through different artistic approaches, this format establishes moments of connection and mediation and challenges global and local understandings of the image.

Curated by Clara Hofmann in collaboration with Olga Vostretsova.

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