Akkordeon Inhalt

Eva Andronikidou (b. 1984, Athens) is a PhD Candidate at the Architecture School of the National Technical University Athens and a student at the Athens School of Fine Arts. She studied architecture (NTUA), landscape architecture (2012, Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya, Barcelona), and acting (2012, LaCasona, Barcelona). She has participated in conferences and published articles internationally and currently works as an architecture tutor at N.T.U.A. and the Erasmus Joint Master ALA. Eva is also active as a freelance architect, set designer, artist, actress, and director, exhibiting work and participating in theater productions in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Greece. She is an activist in rescuing stray animals, which is an important part of her life and time. In her free time, she loves to travel, read in the company of her adopted pets, hike in the mountains and along rivers with her dog, Nychta, sleep under the starry sky, play guitar, sing, learn, dance, and practice acrobatics.

Eva Angelaka (b.1981 in Athens, Greece) lives and works in Athens and Munich. She holds a Diploma in Japanese culture from International Budo University in Japan and a MSc in Asian Studies from Lund University, Sweden. Currently studying at the Athens School of Fine Arts, her past studies have informed her artistic practice. Her work reflects on childhood while exploring otherworldly, larger than life experiences through different media and techniques, including painting, handmade print, and 3D design.

Juana Anzellini (b. 1985 in Colombia) lives and works between Berlin and Leipzig. She holds a BA in Fine Arts from Universidad de Los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia), an MA  in Fine Arts from Caspar David Friedrich Institut (Greifswald, Germany), and is currently pursuing a Meisterschülerstudium at the HGB-Leipzig lead by Prof. Helmut Mark (Klasse Bildende Kunst). Juana is an active artist and exhibits internationally since 2009. Her artistic work on painting, drawing and printing focuses on the theme “blindness” in its physical and psychical dimensions.

Vicente Arrese (b. 1993 in Santiago de Chile) has a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and is currently studying at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig. His practice is settled in the contact zones between painting, video and sculpture, mainly concentrating on the relationships with one another. Questions on how an art work is shown and seen today are a starting point for many of his projects.

Ronny Aviram (b. 1983 in Haifa, Israel) lives and works in Leipzig, Germany. Ronny completed her master’s degree in philosophy at Tel Aviv University in 2015. Since 2017, she has studied at HGB Leipzig and, since 2019, in the class of Joachim Brohm for photography and media. Ronny Aviram’s work focuses on the relationship between collective and personal memory, as well as questions concerning immigration and
identity. Her work encompasses photography, video installation, and sound.

Nikos Charalampous (b. 2001) is an artist living and working in Athens, Greece. He currently studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts. His work reimagines contemporary pop aesthetics from music production, mixing, spoken word, and rhythm, cross-culturally, creating new hybrids.

Katerina Chatzikosti is a visual artist who currently studies and works in Athens. She graduated from the Art High School of Gerakas where she studied performing arts. From 2016 she studies at Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA)in the field of sculpture and workswith multiple media. Her latest work explores the dialogue between art and science. She believes that this connection between those two expands the boundaries of understanding and invention while challenging our view ofthe world, therefore our future.

Nasia Drimousi (b. 1994) is a visual artist studying at the Athens School of Fine Arts since 2018. Her artistic practice incorporates several techniques accompanied by divergent means such as photography, video, 3D design, and sculpture. In her works of art, she contemplates issues of embodiment, digitality and physicality, social senses, alienation, character building, and garment feasibility.

Fell (b. São Paulo, Brasil) initially developed his artistic expression through his involvement with the São Paulo Punk scene. He pursued academic and informal training in photography, music, and the visual arts, and is currently a Meisterschüler at the HGB Leipzig. His artistic practice has evolved from interactive digital installations to diy filmmaking and site-specific work. Fell has exhibited extensively in public space and unconventional places, including abandoned factories and cultural centers.

Christos Fousekis (b. 1996) is an Athens based artist, studying at the Athens School of Fine Arts since 2018. His artistic practice encompasses photography, performance, 3D design and new media, focusing on social dynamics and utopian visions. Christos participated in the group show that shit is amazing (ViZ, 2019), and as a performer in works by Panos Sklavenitis (6th Athens Biennale, 2018), Nikos Navridis (Greek National Opera, 2019) and Eva Giannakopoulou (Onassis Stegi, 2021).

Evgenia Fragkolia (b. 2000) is an Athens based artist studying at the Athens School of Fine Arts since 2018. Her artistic practice revolves around matters of identity, memory, storytelling, and reconstructing space. She uses and combines different media such as painting, photography, and video. Her current and ongoing project focuses on how a community is built, trying to “connect” different individuals and bring them together using their experiences and narrations about landscapes.

instagram: @tzifra_

Julia Gerke (b. 1993) lives and works in Leipzig. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Kunsthochschule Mainz. Currently she studies at Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig. Hersculptural installations often includetext,objectsand sound.She explores how abstract conceptssuch as memoryortimeand internal states are reflected in architectural spaces and elements.In collaboration with artists she creates different platforms such as zines, art festivals and exhibitions. Since 2019 she is co-founder of POKY–Institute of Contemporary Art, Mainz.

Nikos Giampanis is a student in the Sculpture Department of the Athens School of Fine Arts since 2017. He is also a practicing graphic designer, photographer, digital artist, and painter. His latest work is an effort to materialize the common problems and the effects of technological revolution to modern society. Nikos was born in Athens, grew up in Andros island and is currently living and working in Athens.

Lara Hampe (b. 1994), lives and works in Leipzig. She completed a Bachelor in Creative Writing in Leipzig and currently studies at Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig. In her interdisciplinary work, she combines her artistic and literary research in installations, sculptures, texts and lectures. In her current work she is concerned with historiography in the light of media change and the materiality of language and writing.

Julie Hart (b. 1991, Neutrelitz), lives and works in Leipzig and Berlin as an artist and social worker. Her artistic practice explores philosophical, ethical and empowering strategies of action, and the aesthetics of resistance and transformation. Throughout her studies at the HGB she has received the HGB Study Prize (2017) and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s scholarship (2018), and has exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig (2019), Zentrum für aktuelle Kunst Berlin (2020), Kunsthalle Baden-Baden (2020) and at Re:pulcia 2020.

Yannick Harter is a multidisciplinary artist interested in digital cultures, technology and their affective potential for societies. Since 2016 he has been studying at the Academy of fine Arts in Leipzig, theArt Academy of Latvia in Riga and Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. His work has been presented in various international projects and exhibitions. A Selection: Obrońców Stalingradu (Szczecin PL), UG Halle 14 (Leipzig DE), Kunstraum Lakeside (Klagenfurt AT), MEME (Athens GR), Louvre Auditorium (Paris FR).

Franziska Koch (b. 1991 in Nuremberg) lives and works in Leipzig, Germany. In 2017, she completed a M. Sc. in clinical psychology and psychotherapy at Technical University Dresden. Since 2017, she is studying painting/ graphics at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig. In her work, she is especially interested in painting, drawing and print making.

Koa Koppenhöfer (b. 1993) lives and works in Leipzig and Berlin. She is studying since 2015 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig. In 2019 she studied with a grant of DFJW a semester abroad at ENSBA Lyon, France. Coming from a background in photography, she is interested in surfaces, materials and the meaning of duration to develop works in the field of photography, video or sculpture.

Fabian Lehmann studies media art in the class „Installation and Space“ with Joachim Blank at the HGB Leipzig. He studied fine arts at the Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts in Jerusalem, Israel. His works have been shown in various exhibition projects, including the „Hamburger Triennale der Fotografie“ (Hamburg, 2015), „Emscherkerkunst“ (Dortmund, 2016), „Unstable Settings“ (Spinnerei Leipzig, 2019), „Rencontres Internationales“ (Paris/Berlin) and „New cinema and contemporary art“ (Louvre auditorium, Paris, 2020).  Fabian is co-founder of the media art collective THIS IS FAKE.

Vasiliki (Vasso) Leounaki (b.1999) is an undergraduate student at the Athens School of Fine Arts, living in Athens, Greece. Her artistic practice involves videoart, photography and painting. She is currently interested in the philosophy of self-care in pop culture.

Jonathan McNaughton lives and works in Leipzig, Germany. Since 2014 he is studying in Alba d’Urbano’s intermedia classfor at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig. Jonathan work contains video, installation, objects and drawings. His practice evolves around the subjects of solidification,domination of nature and relations of production. He was selected forthe residency program at the Begehungen Festival, Chemnitz (2020), and participated among others in exhibitions at the ZAK, Berlin (2020) and at Palazzo Ziino, Palermo (2019).

Triantafyllia Ntouroupi (b. 1970 in Athens, Greece) is currently studying at the Athens School of Fine Arts. She has a PhD in Molecular Biology and extensive postdoctoral research experience in Greece and abroad. Her artistic work involves 3D animation, video, painting, and collage. She has recently submitted a PhD proposal to the Department of Fine Arts, aiming to explore connections, both theoretical and practical, between science and visual arts.

Thanos Papadogiannis is a non-binary artist from Athens, Greece. Their interdisciplinary work encompasses dragshow, performance, visual artwork, and curatorial projects at the intersections of film, theater, literature and fashion. Through their drag persona (Space Manifesto) they have performed in Greece, Germany, France and the Netherlands at various stages including Stegi Onassis, the National Greek Opera and the Bandits-Mages Festival. They are currently studying History and Theory of Art at ASFA.

Kay Lotte Pommer (b.1995), lives and works in Leipzig. Since 2018 she has been studying at the Academy of Visual Arts and since 2020 she is in the class for installation and space by Joachim Blank. She is currently spending a guest semester at Burg Giebichtenstein in Halle, in the sculpture class of Bruno Rätsch.
Her mostly installative works are dedicated to the physical and digital space and investigate their interface. She works with sculptural and multimedia elements. A strong engagement with everyday sociology and the experimentation of spatial concepts and theories are explored in her installations.

Johanna Ralser (b. 1991, Vipiteno, Italy) lives and works in Leipzig. She completed a Diploma in Stage- and Costume Design at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz in 2016, and is currently attending the MA program „Cultures of the Curatorial“ at the HGB Leipzig. Her work follows an interdisciplinary approach, combining her artistic and scientific research in experimental exhibition formats, installations or theater with her feminist performance-collective „te wo tsunagou“ or the conceptual music-project „Kello Hity“.

J. Lukas Schwarz (b. 1989 in Frankfurt a. Main), lives and works in Leipzig. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the ZHdK in Zurich in 2018, and is currently studying at the HGB Leipzig. Since 2017 he runs “VEIN”, a temporary contemporary offspace in Zurich, and in 2018 he worked for the curatorial department at the ZKM in Karlsruhe. His works, mainly media installations and digital sculptures, have a referential character and refer to popular and art historical events.

Emmanouela Sergi lives and works in Athens. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from University of Piraeus and a MSc in Audit from ACCA. She is a student in the Painting Department of the Athens School of Fine Arts since 2018. She also has experience in sculpture, scenography, and jewelry making. Her work refers to human trauma. She considers herself a conceptual artist and expresses herself through different media and techniques. She also writes poetry.

Natalia Sopidi (b. 1998 in Athens, Greece) is a visual artist studying at the Athens School of Fine Arts since 2018. She specializes in 3D modeling with open source softwares and printing technology (FDM & SLA). Technological reconstruction and construction of various projects is her main point of focus. 

Neam Tarek is an arpist & sociopolitical artist born in Cairo. She founded the Arab-German intercultural bridge in Leipzig 2017. At age of 15 Neam started to study at the Graz University of Music & Performing Arts, and continued her studies at HFM Berlin and HMT Leipzig. In 2020 Neam became a guest student at HGB in the class of Joachim Blank, developing and fulfilling her interest in exposing acoustic elements into the multi-medial arts, among others.

Apostolos Tsorfolias is an undergraduate student at the Athens School of Fine Arts. He is currently living in Athens and works with painting, ceramics, sound and video. His approach derives from social, political and historical references.

Despoina Vaxevanidi (b. 1999) lives and works in Athens, studying at the Athens School of Fine Arts since 2017. Her artistic practice uses multiple media and materials (painting, installation, video) with the intent to converge form and content focusing on social structures and traditions of global communities. Despoina participated in several workshops and group shows such as ARTNES FESTIVAL You are not happy? What do you mean? (2020) and Festival Video Art Miden (2021).

Maria Zervoudaki (b. 1991 in Athens) lives and works in Athens, Greece. She has a background in preschool education and is a student at the Athens School of Fine Arts since 2017. Her artistic practice revolves around matters of ecology, landscapes, narratives, body and time. Maria’s current project focuses on a video archive that poetically documents the skin texture of different people of all ages, treating the human body more like an abstract object than a subject and creating new narratives through sound, text and mobile phone video.

Magdalena Zotou is an artist who lives and works in Athens, Greece. She has a background in fresco techniques, byzantine icon painting, and graphic design, and currently studies painting at ASFA. The transformative experience of migrating from Albania to Greece at the age of 15 has informed much of her approach to art making, which focuses on issues on immigration, everyday life, consumer culture and our relationship with the environment. Her artistic practice encompasses a variety of media and strives for a balanced relationship between concept and relevance.